Mercedes-Benz MB 2543

1st registration 01.02.2008
km 471,099 km
Location Italy
Price 50,000 EUR net
Order number 38884

Iveco Eurocargo Eurocargo 75E15

1st registration 01.03.2000
km 246,667 km
Location Germany
Price 1,990 EUR net
Order number 266597796

Iveco Eurocargo 75 E 21/P

1st registration 05.04.2016
km 67,890 km
Location Germany
Price 32,500 EUR net
Order number 0711

Iveco Eurocargo 75E19/P

1st registration 14.04.2015
km 101,680 km
Location Germany
Price 24,800 EUR net
Order number 9296

Iveco Eurocargo Eurocargo ML120

1st registration 01.08.2018
km 2,000 km
Location Germany
Price 52,900 EUR net
Order number K3M1740326

Iveco Eurocargo Eurocargo

1st registration 22.06.2015
km 68,053 km
Location Germany
Price 27,000 EUR net
Order number KOM6236

Iveco Daily 50C13 + GRU BEN

1st registration 29.02.2000
km 186,000 km
Location Italy
Price 19,000 EUR net
Order number 140818

Iveco Eurocargo Eurocargo ML100

1st registration 08.10.1991
km 1,489,048 km
Location Italy
Price 3,500 EUR net
Order number 00151813

Iveco Eurocargo ML75E21/P Koffe

1st registration 24.06.2016
km 34,000 km
Location Germany
Price 33,200 EUR net
Order number KOM1306

Iveco Daily Daily 70C18A8/P

1st registration 01.08.2018
km 1,000 km
Location Germany
Price 42,900 EUR net
Order number K3X1740792

Iveco Daily 70C17A8/P

1st registration 23.03.2016
km 69,350 km
Location Germany
Price 29,500 EUR net
Order number 0727

Iveco Daily 70C18A8/P

1st registration 16.11.2015
km 139,755 km
Location Germany
Price 26,500 EUR net
Order number IV055081

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