Iveco Bus Daily DAILY 50C15 2.8

1st registration 16.12.2003
km 213,900 km
Location Italy
Price 12,500 EUR net
Order number 13683


1st registration 15.07.2013
km 372,300 km
Location Italy
Price 125,000 EUR net
Order number 13238

Iveco Bus Daily DAILY 50C17 IRI

1st registration 18.07.2013
km 428,600 km
Location Italy
Price 32,000 EUR net
Order number 13444

Iveco Bus Daily DAILY 80E18 CAC

1st registration 26.07.2001
km 300,660 km
Location Italy
Price 8,000 EUR net
Order number 13588

Iveco Bus Daily DAILY 80E18 CAC

1st registration 29.07.1998
km 426,600 km
Location Italy
Price 5,000 EUR net
Order number 13634

Setra S 415 UL Euro 5

1st registration 26.10.2009
km 480,080 km
Location Germany
Price 58,900 EUR net
Order number G108925

Mercedes-Benz MONOCAR 240 N B

1st registration 31.05.2001
km 533,600 km
Location Italy
Price 8,500 EUR net
Order number 13391

MAN Lion's Coach 3

1st registration 27.01.2007
km 730,000 km
Location Italy
Price 75,000 EUR net
Order number 602420 bis

Iveco Magelys EU5 12,

1st registration 11.03.2014
km 235,000 km
Location Italy
Price 163,000 EUR net
Order number 602059

Iveco Bus New Domino HDH

1st registration 01.01.2007
km 730,000 km
Location Italy
Price 55,000 EUR net
Order number 602346

Setra 315 NF

1st registration 12.01.2005
km 611,584 km
Location Germany
Price 27,500 EUR net
Order number G002052

MAN Lions City LE A

1st registration 21.02.2006
km 740,458 km
Location Germany
Price 22,500 EUR net
Order number G008059

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