Iveco Stralis AS440S45TX/P

1st registration 23.11.2012
km 274,000 km
Location Ukraine
Price 30,250 EUR net
Order number DKUA254061

Iveco Daily 35S15/3,0V, Kli

1st registration 03.08.2015
km 118,554 km
Location Germany
Price 17,980 EUR net
Order number KUA1830384

Iveco Daily 35S15/3,0V Klim

1st registration 03.08.2015
km 110,185 km
Location Germany
Price 17,980 EUR net
Order number KUA1830385

Iveco Daily Daily 35S15V

1st registration 09.07.2015
km 93,456 km
Location Germany
Price 14,400 EUR net
Order number KUA1860641

Iveco Daily Daily 35S11 Kof

1st registration 17.04.2015
km 119,204 km
Location Germany
Price 19,400 EUR net
Order number KUA1860628

Iveco Stralis AT440S46T/P

1st registration 27.06.2014
km 540,886 km
Location Spain
Price 31,000 EUR net
Order number 2437HVB

Iveco Daily Daily 35S15V, L

1st registration 20.04.2016
km 92,383 km
Location Germany
Price 17,900 EUR net
Order number KOMEDL5486

Iveco Daily Daily,35S15, L3

1st registration 25.05.2016
km 73,619 km
Location Germany
Price 17,950 EUR net
Order number KOMED174

Iveco Daily 35S15V 2,3

1st registration 30.05.2016
km 100,950 km
Location Germany
Price 16,900 EUR net
Order number KUA1840DHV6798

Iveco Daily Daily 35C17V MA

1st registration 30.06.2016
km 80,203 km
Location Germany
Price 22,990 EUR net
Order number KUA1860617

Iveco Daily Daily Kastenwag

1st registration 27.06.2016
km 68,880 km
Location Germany
Price 20,990 EUR net
Order number KUA1860614

Iveco Daily Daily 35C17V

1st registration 28.09.2016
km 69,167 km
Location Germany
Price 19,750 EUR net
Order number KUA1860611

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