Iveco Daily 70C17A8/P Koffe

1st registration 30.04.2015
km 78,000 km
Location Germany
Price 28,500 EUR net
Order number KOM1110

Iveco Eurocargo 75E21/P

1st registration 17.12.2015
km 52,175 km
Location Germany
Price 27,500 EUR net
Order number 2599

Iveco Eurocargo ML100E17

1st registration 13.07.2005
km 341,000 km
Location Croatia
Price 17,900 EUR net
Order number V17210

Iveco Eurocargo ML75E21

1st registration 04.02.2015
km 73,500 km
Location Croatia
Price 30,000 EUR net
Order number 38993

Iveco Eurocargo 75E19 Euro 6 Ko

1st registration 17.09.2014
km 120,000 km
Location Germany
Price 22,990 EUR net
Order number Kundenfahrzeug NU-WT 152

Iveco Eurocargo ML100E18

1st registration 26.08.2005
km 500,000 km
Location Croatia
Price 7,400 EUR net
Order number V17226

Iveco Stralis AT260S31

1st registration 02.04.2008
Location Italy
Price 39,000 EUR net
Order number 6517

Renault D D 220.12 EDSCHA

1st registration 22.04.2014
km 277,725 km
Location Germany
Price 27,900 EUR net
Order number NTC18024

Iveco Daily 65C18

1st registration 09.01.2009
km 142,350 km
Location Germany
Price 11,900 EUR net
Order number 75636

Iveco Daily Daily 65C14G

1st registration 16.01.2013
Location Italy
Price 35,000 EUR net
Order number COD_REP632

Iveco Daily Daily 60C17

1st registration 11.07.2005
km 488,931 km
Location Italy
Price 6,500 EUR net
Order number COD_RCT425

Iveco MP260E400Y

1st registration 01.01.2002
km 635,000 km
Location Italy
Price 2,500 EUR net
Order number COD_RCS399

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