Iveco Stralis AS440S45TFP-LT

1st registration 22.07.2011
km 775,500 km
Location Macedonia
Price 14,000 EUR net
Order number HIGH0941CA

Iveco Daily 35S13V L4H2

1st registration 31.08.2016
km 46,600 km
Location Macedonia
Price 19,000 EUR net
Order number LIGB1418CA

Iveco Stralis 35S13V L3H2

1st registration 26.07.2016
km 45,100 km
Location Macedonia
Price 17,300 EUR net
Order number LIGB1282CA

Iveco Daily 35S15V, Laderau

1st registration 10.06.2016
km 44,223 km
Location Germany
Price 15,900 EUR net
Order number KOMADL1784

Iveco Stralis AS440S46TP

1st registration 03.06.2013
km 472,700 km
Location Macedonia
Price 27,100 EUR net
Order number HIGH1385CA

Iveco Stralis AS440S46TP EEV

1st registration 17.05.2013
km 560,400 km
Location Macedonia
Price 24,900 EUR net
Order number HIGH1288CA

Iveco Daily 35C15 2.3

1st registration 24.11.2016
km 35,900 km
Location Slovakia
Price 29,150 EUR net
Order number LIGB1527DA

Iveco Daily 35S15 2.3

1st registration 24.11.2016
km 39,900 km
Location Slovakia
Price 28,450 EUR net
Order number LIGB1526DA

Iveco Daily 35S14V L4H2

1st registration 27.12.2016
km 44,900 km
Location Slovakia
Price 21,950 EUR net
Order number LIGB1609DA

Iveco Daily 35S13V L4H2

1st registration 12.12.2016
km 46,100 km
Location Slovakia
Price 21,250 EUR net
Order number LIGB1496DA

Iveco Daily 35S13V L3H2

1st registration 08.06.2016
km 41,500 km
Location Slovakia
Price 17,650 EUR net
Order number LIGB1254DA

Iveco Daily Daily 35S15V 2.

1st registration 06.05.2016
km 87,100 km
Location Germany
Price 14,450 EUR net
Order number EDL5419-HH

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